What Is The Price of Flexible Dentures?

//What Is The Price of Flexible Dentures?

What Is The Price of Flexible Dentures?

The price of flexible dentures is quite expensive especially when you compare it to regular dentures. However, the price hike means that it has more to offer you than your usual set of false teeth. This article will talk about the price of flexible dentures and why it may be worth your money.

The Price of Flexible Dentures in Manila?

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The average price of flexible dentures in Manila starts at around Php 18,000 – Php 20,000.

If you’re curious, the usual cost of traditional dentures starts at Php 15,000 – Php 16,000.

All of these prices sound like you should pay more for the latter, but you’ll soon find that flexible dentures have more to offer.

The Advantages of Flexible Dentures

  • Comfort – the major complaint that most patients have with regular dentures is that they’re uncomfortable. Flexible dentures, on the other hand, are not. Their flexible nature makes them bend with the shape of your teeth.
  • Tight Grip – dentures can be loose when worn. This results in it hindering your speech and chewing. Thankfully, flexible dentures were made to hold on tight without being uncomfortable.
  • Reduced Risk Of Damage – regular dentures are too tough to the point of being brittle. They have the risk of shattering or chipping when dropped. With flexible dentures, however, it’s malleable nature allows it to absorb more of the impact when dropped.
  • It Looks Better – the base of a flexible denture takes on a more translucent appearance. This makes it more subtle than regular dentures. People will find it hard to discern it from your other teeth.

Is It Worth It?

The only thing that traditional dentures have over flexible dentures is its price. Some consider the price to be the ultimate deal breaker and most would pay for the cheapest form of dental service.

With that said, it’s still worth considering if you’re willing to go through the many disadvantages of regular dentures. 

Also, you can try a dental bridge


If you’re still on the fence, you can talk to your dentist about the service. They can fill you in with the information you need to make the right decision.

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