4 Common Reasons That Cause Bad Breath

//4 Common Reasons That Cause Bad Breath

4 Common Reasons That Cause Bad Breath

There are plenty of reasons that cause bad breath. The problem itself is still an issue that plagues a lot of adults today. They’re not quite sure what’s causing it so they don’t rightly know how to fix it in the first place. This article will list down the various reasons why bad breath occurs.

4 Common Reasons That Cause Bad Breath

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4. Dry Mouth

When your mouth becomes too dry due to the lack of saliva production, then this causes a distinct foul odor. Dry mouth is commonly experienced when you wake up also known as “morning breath.” The situation only gets worse from there if you sleep with your mouth open. This is common for patients who are suffering from a cold and can’t properly breath through their nose.

3. Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking not only darkens your gums but it too can cause bad breath. You know smoking causes as well? Gum disease, a problem that’s also responsible for causing bad breath. Trust us when say that reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day will help alleviate dental problems.

2. Food Stuck In Your Teeth

When food gets stuck in your teeth or around your mouth, the bacteria around starts to break it down. This action causes a foul smell especially if you decide to pick these food particles out later on.

This is why you need to floss and ensure that no food is left in your teeth because it not only causes bad breath but it also increases the chances of tooth decay.

1. Neglecting Your Oral Hygiene

Remember those food particles that get stuck? If they’re left unattended, then they could be the very cause of tooth decay. Tooth decay is a reason for bad breath but it also increases plaque buildup which is another reason for bad breath.

Never underestimate the act of brushing your teeth for at least twice a day.


Make sure to visit your dentist if you’re not quite sure what to do about your incessant bad breath issues. Doing so will give you the insight and info needed to make the right choice.


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