Impacted Wisdom Tooth Removal: Reminders

The process of an impacted wisdom tooth removal begins with awareness. Of course, this procedure is only viable if a wisdom tooth hasn’t erupted yet; though there are a few a cases of wisdom teeth remaining dormant yet impacted. Regardless, an impacted wisdom tooth has a few signs or symptoms for you to look out [...]

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How To Treat Gum Disease: What to Do

There are a number of ways on how to treat gum disease. The key thing to remember is that gum disease can be prevented with a good oral hygiene. Remember, prevention is the best remedy for any disease be it tooth decay or discoloration. However, a number of people do tend to neglect their oral [...]

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How To Cure Toothache Pain: Quick Tips

There are a number of ways to cure toothache pain. You would be surprised at the number of household ingredients that can do the job. Everything from salt, tea, garlic, and more. Each of the tips that will be given in the article is easily doable. The article will also remind you of any signs [...]

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How To Brush Your Teeth Properly: 3 Tips

How to brush your teeth properly? Well, if you’ve watched a certain commercial on television then you’d have a pretty solid idea how. However, there are a few things that not a lot people know about when it comes to their toothbrush. Everything from the technique of brushing all the way to the toothbrush itself. [...]

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Do Teeth Whitening Products Work?

Teeth whitening products work the same as professional teeth whitening does, or so they claim it does. You see, people today are looking for the best method to whiten their teeth at home. At first, they used the natural methods one can look up online such as apple cider, strawberries and more. Eventually, teeth whitening [...]

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Cosmetic Dentistry and How It Helps You

Cosmetic dentistry can help you in a number of ways. It is a branch of dentistry that specialized on the aesthetic side of teeth. This means that it deals with services such as tooth restorations and whitening services. It’s probably the most common dental branch that anyone is aware of due to the services that [...]

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Composite Resin Restoration Procedure: What To Know

A composite resin restoration procedure may not be the most complicated when compared to other dental procedures. However, it is still a service that involves the protection and prevention of tooth loss. It’s a service that a lot of patients choose today because it’s affordable, easily available, and effective. Sure, it doesn’t hold water when [...]

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Affordable Dental Services in Manila Available Only From Asian Sun!

Why does everyone lose their mind over a sale? Because they’re able to save a significant amount of money for something of value. The same goes for a dental clinic that offers affordable dental services in Manila. Every patient dreams of having to hire a dentist for a very affordable rate. However, dental clinics don’t [...]

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Affordable Braces in Quezon City: Worth It?

There’s a fine line between affordable and cheap when it comes to affordable braces in Quezon City. When something’s affordable, it may not hold the same standard of quality when compared to its more expensive counterpart. This is true for the most part, however, there are a number of situations where affordability does not always [...]

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